KBC and SMC entered the Top 500 fastest growing businesses in Vietnam in 2011

Written by  - Tuesday, 21 February 2012

On February 21, 2012, Vietnam Report and VietNamNet officially announced the Top 500 fastest growing enterprises in Vietnam in 2011 (FAST500). Two members of SGI, KBC and SMC, were honored in this rankings.

Accordingly, Kinh Bac City Development Share Holding Corporation (KBC) ranks 330th and Saigon Commercial Manufacturing Corporation (SMC) ranks 342th in the rankings.KBC is the leading real estate company in Vietnam in terms of developing industrial zones and attracting foreign investment. In recent years, KBC's industrial parks have always been a reliable destination for domestic and foreign investors, with over 80% of foreign investors. This is the second consecutive time KBC has been honored in the FAST500 since its official launch in 2010.About SMC, established in 2002, SMC has become one of the leading manufacturers and traders of construction materials. SMC is a supplier of materials for many big projects such as East-West Highway, Saigon-Trung Luong Highway.The FAST500 ranking is based on scientific principles, independent and in line with international standards, with the aim of identifying and celebrating the most efficient and fastest growing businesses in the Vietnamese economy. . To be considered for rating in FAST500, the revenue growth rate of enterprises in the period of 2007-2010 must reach at least 30% per year.

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