SAIGONTEL - a member of SGI Group - owner of 38 Industrial Parks (IPs) nationwide, currently providing infrastructure, telecomunication services in IPs of SGI. As an owner - IPs Management council and service supplier, SGT clearly understands the need of customers in IPs as well as the way to appoarch and sastify this customer segmentation.

Beside FDI Organization in IPs, SAIGONTEL and other our members are currently partner/supplier for telecommunication products and services of top Telco/Manufacturer in Vietnam and other countries around the world with the focus on Telco, GOV, NMC,SMB,… market.

18/01/2008, 45 million shares of Company were officially listed on the Ho Chi Minh Stock Exchange with ticker symbol is SGT.

From 2017, SAIGONTEL promotes international telecomunication sector, develop international and high technology market.

SAIGONTEL focuses on construction, developing and applying IT applications for management and business. With high quality of IT engineers and the connection with SGI, SAIGONTEL stably develops its professional knowledge and finance in our own business lines which are developing ICT zones’ infrastructure, providing telecommunication and IT services, consulting total solutions for enterprises, training and providing the high quality IT engineers.