The first SAIGONTEL OPEN football tournament in 2017 officially closes

Written by  - Saturday, 28 October 2017

After the exciting games, SAIGONTEL OPEN football tournament celebrates 15 years of establishment of Saigon Telecommunications & Technology Corporation has officially closed. The Football Association was received the favor and support from the Board of Directors and the Board of Management.Previously, on October 14, 2017, in both the Northern and Southern regions took place SAIGONTEL OPEN football region final. Of the 16 teams, two excellent teams represented each of the national final rounds in Hanoi: MBS Northern and MBS Southern.


Finals of the South

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Finals of the North

 Following that, on October 28, 2017, the national final round was held at the Thanh Phat - Hanoi stadium in the exciting and exciting atmosphere. Both teams are well prepared for the final round. With professionalism and luck in the penalty shootout, the SAIGONTEL OPEN season championship belonged to MBS Northern, MBS Southern won second place nationwide.

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MBS Northern is the champion of SAIGONTEL OPEN

IMG 8711 141

2nd runner-up in SAIGONTEL OPEN - MBS Southern

The remaining awards are as follows:


IMG 8700 139
The best football fan award - MBS Southern



Excellent goalkeeper Award - Mai Duc Nam - SGT Hanoi FC

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Than Nhat Hoang Nam - SGT HCM and Nguyen Van Linh – SHP are the best scorers

The tournament has taken place with 17 high quality professional matches, exciting, attractive, and friendly. The teams have a good preparation and quite thorough, bringing the fans to fans. We would like to thank you before the end of a season of meaning and many memories.On behalf of the SAIGONTEL OPEN football tournament, we would like to sincerely thank the leaders of the units for facilitating their participation in SAIGON OPEN 2017.

Thanks to all the players from 16 teams: SGT HN, SGT BN, MBS Northern, KBC, SHP, VIETTEL BMA, SAVINA, SBG, SGT HCM, MBS MBS Southern, OCB, PHO DONG, QTSC, MB, SPT, PHUONG NAM ITACO.

Thanks to fans have always spent some time to fun, promote and encourage the spirit of the players. The presence of enthusiastic fans is what brings the greatest success to the tournament.Thanks to the units, businesses have participated in sponsorship for the tournament, contributing to make the tournament more professional and strong.

Thanks to the referee team, commentator, secretary has accompanied the tournament to help the tournament went well. Thanks to Management Board of Thanh Phat yard and Phu Tho yard has created favorable conditions for the yard, time, help the tournament on schedule from the first day to the closing.

Thank you all in Organizing Committee including deployment team and communication team SAIGONTEL OPEN has spent time, effort in 2 months preparation before the tournament. Your efforts, help and support are very much appreciated and appreciated.During the tournament, Organizing Committee can not avoid certain shortcomings. The comments of the team leaders, team leaders, fans and friends on the field or on the Facebook, We would be noted and try to overcome, so that the next season is better and better.

Once again, SAIGONTEL OPEN football tournament is sincerely thankful and wish the teams, fans and sponsors a healthy and prosperous and prosperous.

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