Let's Run fast, SAIGONTEL!

Written by  - Wednesday, 09 March 2016

Let's Run fast, SAIGONTEL! is a unique sporting event, was held for the first time on both North and South. This is not only a chance for employees to exercise and show off their physique, but also to have great value rewards on the occasion of Women International (8/3).

The event took place in two places: Quang Trung Software Park, Ho Chi Minh City and Dai Dong Hoan Son Industrial Zone, Bac Ninh 

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 As the name implies of the competition, Let's run fast, SAIGONTEL! has really become a speeding day. Teams are constantly breaking the bar to spectacular to "compete" on the target. And apparently, the distance is 3km for men; 2km for women and 3km for relay competition does not make it difficult for the "athletes" in both South and North.

 The final result in the South, Than Duc Vien; Huynh Quang Vinh; Nguyen Vinh Hiep turn to the First, Second, Third for men. Women candidates are Phan Thi Hong Giang, Ngoc Kieu and Le Thi Cam Huong respectively.

For team prizes awarded to representatives from the ICT Business department; SDJ Business department and SDJ Accountant. 

In the North, For men prizes awarded to Nguyen Manh Thuan, Nguyen Manh Huan and Le Dinh Nhat. Women Individuals  are Ngo Thi Trang, Nguyen Thi May and Mai Thi Hoi.

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