Summary: The 15th Anniversary of KinhBac City Development Holding Corporation - KBC

Written by  - Thursday, 07 December 2017

During the past two months, SAIGONTEL has been honored to be invited to participate in the 15th anniversary program of KinhBac City Development Holding Corporation - KBC and also achieved outstanding achievements in the contest.

- About KBC's FOOTBALL CUP 2017: SGT HN - BN Team and SGT Ho Chi Minh City Team have finished their matches this season. After the season, both teams have gained experience as well as improved exchanges with other units.

In particular, the team SGT HCM has brought about the award of encouragement of the season and best goalkeeper was also awarded to Huynh Anh Kiet (SGT HCM).

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 Team SGT HN - BN

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Best goalkeeper Huynh Anh Kiet (SGT HCM)

- About KBC's IRON MAN / WOMAN competition: SAIGONTEL has a total of 11 contestants including 3 combined: Swimming, Biking and Running. In the extreme weather, all the SAIGONTEL athletes have completed their rounds with all their efforts to reach the finish in a great way.

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Picture of KBC's IRON MAN / WOMAN contest

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Picture of KBC's IRON MAN / WOMAN contest

In particular, Mrs. Nguyen Thanh Quyen has successfully won the 3rd prize of the IRON MAN / WOMAN competition. Also, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hong Thuy and Mrs. Bui Thi Quy - co-ranked 4th IRON MAN / WOMAN contest.

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Photo contest KBC's IRON MAN / WOMAN

- About KBC's GOT TALENT competition: SAIGONTEL participated in 9 performances. In addition to the elaborate and elaborately rehearsed performances of other participants in the program, each of SAIGONTEL's performances was highly appreciated by the judges and the panel. for a very personal color scheme - the color of the CONFIDENCE - UNTITY and SHINING on stage, building a diverse SAIGONTEL visual style.

Participants included:

- SGT HN and MTV: Singing (2 Performances: Co Doi Khi - Bich Phuong, Giot Suong Va Chiec La- Hoang Anh), Bachata Dance of All of Me.

- Bac Ninh Branch: Thu Phap, Khach Den Choi Nha, Co Doi Thuong Ngan

- SGT HCM and SDJ: Trong Nuoc, Cuoc Chien Hoa Anh Dao, Vu Dieu Kon Ket

The performances were won the prizes include:

- First prize: Cuoc Chien Hoa Anh Dao

- Third prize: Thu Phap

- Consolation Prize: Khach Den Choi Nha

- Investment Excellence: Trong Nuoc

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Cuoc Chien Hoa Anh Dao- SGT HCM

Tiết mục Cuộc Chiến Hoa Anh Đào – SGT HCM

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Thu Phap - SGT BN

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Khach Den Choi Nha - SGT BN

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Trong Nuoc- SDJ

- PR Dept-

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