Fire prevention training prevention at Saigon ICT Tower

Written by  - Tuesday, 13 January 2015

On the morning of January 10th, at Saigon ICT Tower, fire police District 12 , Building Management Board and representatives of customers working at Saigon ICT Tower conducted Firefighting, Survey and evaluate the firefighting of high-rise buildings in the district.

The rehearsal took place at 8 am, to help the staff in the building understand the basic knowledge, skills, active prevention and use of fire fighting equipment on the spot as well as rules organizing fire fighting;

On the other hand, the rehearsal is also an opportunity for the District Fire Prevention Police to capture traffic characteristics, water sources, agency chart, fire danger characteristics of the area, on that basis, mobilize actively Fire fighting means and devices in case of fire and explosion occur as well as fire fighting coordination between fire police and grassroots firefighters.At the training session, police officers from the Public Security Department will guide people using fire department equipment in the event of a fire.

Some pictures at the rehearsal:


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