SAIGONTEL organizes the "NOI BANH CHUNG XANH" Program and the Tet Charity Program 2018

Written by  - Thursday, 08 February 2018

The society is growing, there are many traditions are missing, in which the wrapping of Banh Chung on the occasion of celebrating the ancestors tribute to their ancestors or to merit meritorious meritorious deeds seem to have been forgotten.

To maintain that beautiful tradition as well as to bring people back to the roots, preserve the pride of culinary culture of the Vietnamese. Saigon Telecommunication and Technologies Corporation organized the contest "NOI BANH CHUNG XANH" for employees in both regions.

"NOI BANH CHUNG XANH" is not just a competition to create fresh air, prepare for the new year but also a meaningful program for many people in difficult circumstances. Every Banh Chung were made that will be donated to charity patients, relatives in difficult circumstances, family policy ... bring Tet atmosphere as well as relieve of the disease they are facing.

In addition, the Tet 2018 Charity Program is also held by visiting and giving gifts to people in difficult circumstances.

The program has the participation of 06 SAIGONTEL teams including: HAI TAC, F22, BIET DOI 99, TU LEP, OTT, DAC CONG and the guest unit is Navibank Securities (NVS).

As a result, 1334 Banh Chung was donated by the members, of which 720 donated to poor households and policy beneficiary families in Bac Ninh and Long An provinces. That was delivered to patients in hospitals such as Central Hospital, District 6 Hospital, Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital.

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Beside the contest of wrapping Banh Chung, the teams have implemented volunteer activities such as:

Group 99: Visiting and giving gifts to poor households and policy beneficiaries families in Tien Du district, Bac Ninh province with 150 cakes and 12 million VND in cash.

Hai Tac and F22: Visiting and giving presents to the patients of the Department of Oncology and Pediatrics - Central Lung Hospital with 240 banh chung and 24,000,000 VND in cash.

Tu Lep, OTT and Biet Doi Dac Cong gave presents at the District 6 Hospital, Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital and Thi Nghe Orphanage about 40 presents each including 02 Banh Chung and 01 box of instant noodles; 200 banh chung and 50 presents each worth 300,000 VND to Pham Ngoc Thach Hospital; and Orphanage Youth Relief Center of Thi Nghe: 50 gifts worth VND 300,000 each.

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The "Love Sharing" campaign supported the purchase of G7 coffee, earning more than the expected amount of 4,978,000 VND with 110 boxes sold to SAIGONTEL employees.

In addition, SGN donated 200 gifts worth 300,000 VND to poor people in Tan Phuoc Tay Commune, Tan Tru District, Long An Province.

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