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Southern Red River Industrial Park (Ha Noi)
Administrator       April 20, 2015

Southern Red River Industrial Park (Ha Noi)

Nam Song Hong Industrial Park is located in communes of Hong Ha, Lien Hong, Lien Ha, Ha Mo, Tan Hoi, Dan Phuong district, Hanoi; the land lot is adjacent to Hong River, near the National Highway No. 32, connecting the capital.

Covering a total development area of 421ha, Hong River to the Northeast and Northwest; the Provincial Road No. 79 to the Southeast; the paddy field of communes namely Ha Mo, Tan Hoi, Tan Lap, Dan Phuong District to the Southeast.

The Industrial Park is not only favorable in terms of geographical position, road, aviation and river way traffic, etc., but also important in developing economics, culture, traffic and trade with the center of Hanoi City and the neighboring provinces.

Furthermore, as former Ha Tay province which has been merged into Hanoi City, the Industrial Park is inherited with a wide range of priority policy to develop the regional economic development; the local human resources are also trained from the universities, colleges,, high schools and vocational training centers in the province; the local labor cost is much cheaper than other provinces and cities, promising to successfully satisfy the recruitment and offer the added value to the interested investors.