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Not only SAIGONTEL office in Ho Chi Minh City held the March 8th Celebration but also units, branches and member companies of SAIGONTEL Group also joined in harmony to create a series of congratulatory activities throughout the system. Each place has its own meaningful, practical and interesting activities

*Bac Ninh Branch:

There is a lot of cuteness in the Bac Ninh branch. In order to properly prepare for the March 8th celebration party, the male staff members grilled meat, prepared the party and then personally prepared flowers for the female employees. That made 22 female employees so happy when they attended the party and watched the karaoke performance.

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* Project Management Unit in Hanoi Office:

This is the place to hold the earliest March 8th in SAIGONTEL GROUP. On this occasion, the men employees held a meeting to congratulate, exchange and give gifts to female employees. The female employees will be able to choose flowers by color. Anyone choose a random color right away will receive a "super big, super giant" bouquet of flowers exactly like the chosen color.

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*saigontel office in Hanoi and SGTLand Company:

As noted by the Communication Board, the March 8th celebration at Hanoi office and SGTLand company was equally exciting when all staffs participated in a very 'unique-strange' game, that is: blowing candle (loser will eat lemon, winner will receive gift). After the game, the female employees received March 8th greeting cards and useful gifts such as shampoo, conditioner, washing powder. It is super big, super heavy gifts but super meaningful.

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On the occasion of March 8th , SGU's male employees prepared flowers and hand-made flower bouquets to give to the female employees at the office. This is an extremely romantic act and shows the gallantry, character, and skill of the male employees.

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The female employees will surely have a lot of fun and always love life and have long-term working commitment with the practical activities like these.

Let's review the images of celebrating International Women's Day: 

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